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We command a team of over 100 reliable and dedicated staff to service our valued customers in waste management as well as the collection of recyclable materials.

Benefits / Advantages

Effortlessly Hygienic

With the use of our Professional Office Cleaning Service, you no longer need to spend your time hunched over every nook and cranny in a bid to keep every corner in the office spick and span.

Our Office Cleaning Service will be able to ensure that no dust or bits of crumbs will remain untouched on the ground. They will all be sucked within seconds via either our wet or dry vacuum cleaners. We’re also equipped with backpack vacuums to further enhance locations’ hygienic state.

Thus, your office will be able to remain hygienic without the need for you to lift a single finger.

Healthy Environment

An unhygienic environment may affect employees’ productivity and eventually their health too.

Such an environment may breed illnesses and cause employees to be under the weather.

To prevent or counter such instances, our Office Cleaning Service will do you good for we will rid the entire vicinity off any toxins and prevent the spread of any viruses through our thorough cleaning processes.

Why Choose Boon Poh?

Well Equipped

Here in Boon Poh, we are armed with the latest technologies that deal with cleaning. This includes Polishing and Scrubbing Machines, High Water Pressure Machines, Ride-on Sweepers, Ride-on Auto-Scrubbing Machines, Steam Carpet Extractor, and the aforementioned Vacuum Cleaners.

Quality Service

We aren’t just well equipped technological-wise. In fact, we are also well equipped when it comes to our employees’ knowledge and experience in this field.

Hence, with such well-equipped employees, we are able to guarantee you High-Quality Service.

Eliminates Pests

Some offices may be infested with Pests but fear not, for we offer Pest Control Services too. Hence, you will be able to rid your office off not just wastes but any unwanted creepy crawlies too.

Closing Remarks

For more information, simply give us a call at 6284 3282 or 6284 3372.