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We command a team of over 100 reliable and dedicated staff to service our valued customers in waste management as well as the collection of recyclable materials.

Benefits Of Engaging Commercial Cleaning
Service Companies


A professional commercial cleaning services company has a team of well-trained cleaners who work on specific tasks with expertise. This guarantees top-notch cleanliness with uncompromising standards.

Commercial office cleaners work as a team, with a strategic approach to cleaning the office, and a standard operating procedure (SOP) to follow. With the right cleaning equipment and a strong support system, commercial office cleaners to get the job done with clockwork efficiency.

High Cleaning Standards

Engaging a professional commercial cleaning services company sets a standard of cleanliness which has been aligned with industry-shared standards.

A commercial cleaning services company first assesses the scope of cleaning work to be done, ensuring hard-to-reach nooks and crannies will not go unchecked. They also determine areas that may need extra attention.

Controlled Costs

Hiring a full-time in-house janitor increases overhead manpower expenses. Companies may also need to extend employment benefits to that employee, if they were to employ a full-time janitor.

In terms of resource efficiency, engaging commercial office cleaners is more cost-efficient because the company will only need to pay for the work done. This is pertinent if the cleaning staff is only required for several hours, not a full day.

Boon Poh Disposal: Your Trusted, Reliable Choice


With our wealth of experience in the waste management industry, we provide our services to a range of clients, including offices, warehouses, industrial and commercial buildings, managing agents, and statutory boards.

We are well-equipped with a range of cleaning equipment for all purposes. These include the following –

  • Polishing and scrubbing machines
  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Steam carpet extractor
  • High water pressure machine
  • Backpack vacuum cleaner
  • Sweepers (ride-on)
  • Auto-scrubbing machine (ride-on)