Cardboard Recycling

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We command a team of over 100 reliable and dedicated staff to service our valued customers in waste management as well as the collection of recyclable materials.

Benefits of recycling cardboard

Save trees by reducing deforestation

Just like paper, cardboards are also made with trees and by recycling them, we can save thousands of trees.

Save money

By recycling cardboard, we can cut down on the expenses required for waste disposal services and additionally, even make some money by selling the cardboard for recycling.

Reduce pollution

The production of new cardboard entails a considerable amount of pollution, which can be curtailed if we reuse recycled cardboard. This also helps in reducing rubbish from giant supermarkets and packaging companies.

Various applications

Cardboards can typically be recycled over 3-4 times and can be used in various industries, such as packaging of FMCG and other products, newsprint, tissues, grocery bags, pencil barrels and more.

Why go with Boon Poh?

We have been around since 1972, and happen to be among the first pioneers of this industry in Singapore. At Boon Poh, we have a team of skilled professionals who are well trained to offer the best customer service. From scrap collection to recycling and waste disposal to commercial cleaning services, we are trained in this industry. Call us at +65 6284 3282 or write to us today, to know more.