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With more than forty years of presence in Singapore, Boon Poh delivers a substantial range of environmental solutions including integrated waste management with recycling, cleaning and conservancy, and landscaping services.

Moving in the direction of environmental sustainability, our solutions work towards efficiency, performance, and productivity. Through our dedicated team and expertise, we strive to provide a one-stop platform for your environmental management needs.

Our services include:

Daily refuse collection
Bulky waste collection on contractual or ad-hoc basis
Recycling programme
Cleaning services
Sales of litter bins
Landscaping, grass cutting and tree pruning services
Transport service
purchase of scrap material
pest control
food waste recycling

Our Vision:

To provide sustainable waste management solutions that protect and create a greener world for our future generations.

Our Mission:

To serve the needs of our customers and others through integrated services – waste management, food waste recycling, and landscaping with a strong focus on sustainability and social and environmental responsibilities.

Our Policy:

We are committed to achieve the Company’s Quality and Environmental Policy:-

  1. To achieve constant profitable growth within the next five years.
  2. To always provide quality services and at competitive prices to retain clients and ensure returns to shareholders.
  3. To invest in employee training and technologies to improve productivity, service quality, and employee retention rate.
  4. To improve change management practice to prepare the organization for growth and development.
  5. To continuously create awareness to employees and clients to safeguard the environment and prevent pollution.