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Food Waste Digester Benefits

Food wastage remains a huge concern in a developing nation. A well-structured food waste digester will enhance existing waste management systems. The process involves an effective removal of food wastes from designated premises and are transformed into useful biofuel at waste recycling plants.

Conserving Landfill

Food waste is one of the main sources of refuse deposited in the limited spaces of landfills. Food waste digestion is an alternate process that will divert a substantial amount of refuse and conserve our only national landfill.

Alternate Fuel

The components of food waste are highly biodegradable. Through anaerobic digestion methods, treatment facilities can convert food waste into biofuel, a source of renewable energy for a more sustainable environment.

Reducing Pollution

Methane is a major greenhouse gas pollutant that is released by food waste deposited in landfills. Through contained management of the gas, food waste digester systems can significantly reduce the effects of climate change.

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